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  • My subject is not listed, what do I do?"
    It is possible that in some specific cases your required subject is not in our offered list. In this case please send an email to Possibly the webpage is not up-to-date and we can assign you to a tutor.
  • What subjects are being taught?
    We are constantly working on recruiting tutors to supply all subjects. To see the current available subjects, check out the 'Currently Available Subjects' page
  • Can I work with the same tutor again?
    Yes, after the first meeting with your tutor, feel free to exchange contact details to set up new meetings privately.
  • How do I get a tutor?
    Getting in touch is very easy and can be done through the home page. Please remember, the first tutoring session is free of charge. In case of general enquiries or additional information: send an email to contact us at call or whatsapp 07932589195​
  • Where does the tutoring take place?
    Tutoring sessions can take place in convenient places all around central Edinburgh.
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